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News & Press

December 2003

DRA Component Services Inc. is incorporated and moves into its new space in the renovated Riverwalk Mills site in Lawrence, Massachusetts. This space is a perfect fit for our needs; with the majestic grandeur of the old mills complimented by modern conveniences.

January 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. is presented by Underwriters Laboratories with its registration certification for ISO 9001:2000 (File# A13038).
February 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. purchases a BP Micro BP1400/84 to compliment its array of Data I/O programming equipment.
April 2004
Purchase agreement established between DRA Component Services Inc. and Thermonics of Sunnyvale, CA for the delivery of a new T-2820 Precision Temperature Forcing System. This purchase reinforces DRA's commitment to its customers. This system will allow for temperature changes within 15 seconds, thus increasing throughput.
May 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. passes its first audit of its ISO 9001:2000 Registered quality systems.
June 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. takes delivery of the Thermonics T-2820.
August 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. goes wireless. The controller for each piece of automatic test equipment has been setup with wireless network cards, allowing the transfer of test programs from one main database to each individual tester. This allows us to maintain a centralized backup of all our test programs located on our main server.
December 2004
DRA Component Services Inc. celebrates its first year in business.
May 2005
DRA Component Services Inc. takes delivery of a Sentry 21 and Sentry 20. This will enable us to test microprocessors in-house, allowing us to process the product quicker and return it to the customer in a more timely manner.
October 2005
DRA Component Services Inc. now has online Part Number Program Lookup and Request a Quote capability.
April 2008
DRA Component Services, Inc. is proud to announce the acceptance of a Supplier Appreciation Award from L3 Communications Henschel for Dedicated Service and Efforts. Over the past 3 1/2 years, DRA has created a business relationship with Henschel, concentrating on providing a service that they have been able to rely on, and to receive this award shows DRA's commitment to the customer. This award is shared by all the employees at DRA, and each one should be proud of their efforts in satisfying the customer's requirements.
April 2009
DRA Component Services, Inc. has added Tape and Reel and Dry Pack. This gives us the ability to satisfy your stand alone Tape and Reel and Dry Packing needs along with being able to send your product back the way it was received after our testing. With the addition of our new Amerivacs AVS-20 we are able to provide product back to you vacuum sealed. Give us a try when the next requirement comes along.
January 2011
DRA Component Services takes delivery of a new Thermonics T2820. This investment adds to DRA Component Services line of temperature forcing systems. These newer models have the capability to change from -55C to 125C in 10 seconds. This gives us the advantage of turning your product around quicker. The sale was handled through Thermonics East Coast manufacturers representative Michael Anello.
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